Top 10 tips to win Escape Room Games

Escape Room Boston  – Top 10 tips

1. Play with people you know

When it comes down to it, the reason you’re playing a room escape is to have fun. You’ll have more fun if your friends are there, so invite them along! Also, if you solidify your group you’ll get more practice working together, and you can get benefits like increased communication, specialized puzzle-solving, and maybe even recognizing a puzzle from somewhere else!

2. Listen to your game master

Your game master has your experience in mind when giving you the safety and general information before any escape room. To make sure you don’t break your chance of winning, don’t break the systems of the room. Other escape rooms might have their electronics with wires running around, and if those break you’ll just be ruining your own experience. Also, sometimes people might get confused or distracted by lights or objects meant to immerse you. Normally, your game master will tell you about these things so you don’t waste your precious time.

3. Search the room thoroughly

A common way you can lose at room escapes is not having all the pieces of the puzzle. How are you going to open the door to the next room without the key? The more time you spend without the ability to complete the puzzle, the less time you have to complete the room, so search and search well!

4. Organize objects

Along the same lines as searching thoroughly, make sure you don’t lose track of the things you might need to solve the puzzle. There’s no limit to the amount of time you could waste when you don’t have every piece of the puzzle. Organize a to-use pile and a discard pile. So that you make sure everything you might need is easily accessible or easily seen. If you put everything in one pile, you might forget that something you need exists.

5. Communicate well

One of the most important parts of an escape room is communication. The more people working on a puzzle, the higher chance you’ll solve that puzzle. Always share what you find and what you are thinking about to solve the puzzle. Maybe your strategy is to just tell other people your ideas, however stupid they may seem. Either way, when two heads are greater than one, communication is key.

6. Divide and conquer

Make sure everyone knows about a puzzle, but make sure not everyone is working on that same puzzle at the same time.  You can get the most work done by working on different puzzles. You’ll save the most time by starting and finishing two puzzles at the same time, rather than finishing the first puzzle slightly faster.

7. Be creative

Let your mind bounce ideas around, and don’t be afraid to test every idea. There’s been countless times when people have second guessed themselves out of the answer. The way to solve it might not be obvious, so make sure you attack it at every angle. If you brainstorm with a fellow escaper, you might also inspire them to think about the puzzle differently. Just as two heads are better than one, an open mind is better than a closed one.

8. Ask for hints

Use your hints strategically. A hint might takes you some time to read, understand and correlate, and then that takes you even more time to finish working on the puzzle. It’s generally a good guideline to look at using a hint every 15-20 minutes , since that will be all 3 of your hints, and that leaves plenty of time to try to solve puzzles without using a hint. Also, try not to be stubborn or shy. Game masters give hints to help you escape. That’s all hinting is about!

9. Tips are less important than practice

Hands on experience is one of the most valuable things you can have with puzzles. The more types of puzzles you’ve done, the more likely you’ll see something and immediately know how to do it. Even if you don’t immediately recognize something, you might be able to guess what happens next and play accordingly.

10. Above all, enjoy yourself!

Ultimately, winning isn’t everything. Room escaping is about the fun of the experience itself, so relax! Don’t let your drive to win defeat you.

8D Room Escape and Board Games – Escape Room Boston

List of Escape Rooms in Greater Boston Area (Updated 11/26/2017)

Escape Rooms                                  City                           Games
Escape the Room Boston            Boston          The Apartment, The Dig, The Clock Tower
Trapology Boston                         Boston          The Drunk Tank, The Hustler, The Retreat
Room Escapers                             Boston          The Pirate’s Booty
8D Room Escape                         Malden         The Secret Chamber, Mission:Z, The Half Treasure Map
Boda Borg                                      Malden         18 challenging quests
Puzzle Break                                  Newton         Escape from 20,000 Leagues, The Grimm Escape
Room Escape Adventures          Somerville    Trapped In A Room With A Zombie
Breakout Games                           Woburn        Kidnapping, Museum Heist, Operation: Casino, Hostage
North Shore Escape                     Woburn        Mystery at the Art Gallery
Wicked Escapes                            Saugus          Cell Block 4, Great Museum Heist Caper Job, The Hole
Amaze Escape                               Arlington      Escape from Death Row
5 Wits                                              Foxboro       20,000 Leagues, Espionage
Total Confinement                       Randolph     Kidnapped, Catch Me If You Can
8D Room Escape and Board Games

8D Room Escape Grand Opening

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